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SynBrowse (Synteny Browser) is a generic sequence comparison tool for visualizing genome alignments both within and between species. It is intended to help scientists study and analyze synteny, homologous genes and other conserved elements between sequences. This software is useful in studying genome duplication and evolution. It can also aid in identifying uncharacterized genes, putative regulatory elements and novel structural features of study species by comparing to a well annotated reference sequence, thus enabling genome curators to refine and edit annotations of species that have incomplete genome annotations.

SynBrowse is a GBrowse family software tool that runs on top of the open source Bioperl modules Bio::Graphics and Bio::DB::GFF. It also uses some modules of GBrowse (e.g. the configuration and utility codes). SynBrowse is highly compatible with GBrowse.

If you want to find the software description in more detail, please check out this paper.

As an example, we have set up SynBrowse to visualize comparisons in the genomes of plant species

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